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OAMSC Establishes Scholarship Fund for Homeownership Counseling


The Board of Directors of Old Algiers Main Street Corporation passed a resolution at its March meeting to designate funds for scholarships to those in the Whitney and McDonogh neighborhoods who successfully complete classes sponsored by the Neighborhood Development Foundation.


This is part of the board’s ongoing efforts to help build economic equity among current residents of the two neighborhoods (often called Algiers Riverview) and decrease displacement of generational families in the historic area.


Scholarships will go to those who complete these programs: (1) Financial Fitness, for which OAMSC will reimburse $100 to those who complete the course and (2) Homebuyer Counseling, for which OAMSC will reimburse $125 to those who complete the course.


The program will operate from May 2021 through December 2022 or until all scholarship funds are awarded.


To find out about the NDF programs, visit or call 504-488-0155

Post Office Box 740181

New Orleans, LA 70174-018