Neighborhood Economic Development Planner


Old Algiers Main Street Corporation (OAMSC), a 501c3 non-profit organization in the designated Main Street program area of Old Algiers, is seeking an experienced Neighborhood Economic Development Planner. This is an 18-month contract position.


The role of the Neighborhood Economic Planner is to design a set of strategies with input from a broad range of stakeholders who will participate in developing a plan to create economic equity and opportunity for residents of the McDonogh and Whitney neighborhoods of Old Algiers. The plan will focus on workforce readiness, employment and small business development primarily for individuals age16 to 40 years old. Working closely with the OAMSC Board, the Planner will engage residents, area business leaders, workforce development organizations, educational institutions as well as significant employers in the Greater New Orleans area in designing collaborative strategies to provide access to well-paying jobs and small business opportunities for residents,  living in the target area, ,especially those in the creative industries.


The position requires professional planning and economic development experience. The Planner is expected to possess in-depth knowledge of economic development, comprehensive urban planning and environmental planning. The Planner may supervise a Planning Assistant.



  • Interprets and applies applicable state and parish ordinances and regulations
  • Gathers and analyzes existing data concerning issues, policies and roadblocks to jobs for unemployed and underemployed residents
  • Assists with developing and maintaining key relationships with area workforce development institutions, employers as well as colleges and universities, city and state agencies and other relevant organizations.
  • Reviews and analyzes current 2017 OAMSC Neighborhood Plan, the City’s Comprehensive Master Plan, land development regulations, Regional Transit Authority strategic mobility plan and other relevant plans and studies
  • Designs and implements a neighborhood economic development plan prioritizing economic equity for residents described above, Identifying community problems, issues, and opportunities in particular neighborhoods that could be mitigated through the strategies in the emerging neighborhood economic development plan in conjunction with community members.
  • Writes and presents formal and technical reports, working papers, and correspondence associated with the plan.
  • Develops long range plans for communities with common developmental issues
  • Evaluates adequacy of community facilities in meeting current and projected needs
  • Recommends priorities, schedules, and funding sources to implement public improvements plan
  • Attends planning conversations on land use, water management, physical, social and economic matters of the community.
  • Convenes a substantial number of evening and weekend meetings with appropriate stakeholders
  • Meets regularly with the Main Street board and its Economic Development committee



  • Well-developed knowledge of planning principles and practices
  • In-depth knowledge of one or more planning specialization, such as economic development, transportation planning, or environmental planning
  • Knowledge of principles, methodology, practices of research and data collection
  • Knowledge of effective writing techniques
  • Knowledge of or experience in community remediation and redevelopment, and knowledge of relevant local,state and federal programs
  • Adequate statistical, algebraic, or geometric knowledge and ability to apply such knowledge in practical situations
  • Knowledge of computer hardware and software programs, which may include Microsoft Office, various internet applications, econometric or transportation modeling, database management and/ or GIS experience



  • Oral communication and interpersonal skills to present research findings to various boards and committees
  • Creative problem-solving skills to gather relevant information to solve less well-defined practical problems
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Effective people skills
  • Ability to review plans and apply provisions of the ordinances and codes to determine compliance with such regulations and to apply regulations to field conditions
  • Group facilitation skills for use with community workshops
  • Ability to work on several projects or issues simultaneously
  • Ability to work independently or in a team environment as needed
  • Ability to attend to details while keeping big-picture goals in mind
  • Is a self starter
  • Ability to produce deliverables as scheduled and in a  timely manner.
  • Ability to adhere to timelines
  • Minimum Qualifications


A Master's degree in economic development, urban or other relevant professional planning with  a minimum of two years of experience or a Bachelor's degree with a minimum five years of professional planning experience.


Some knowledge of the Old Algiers community in general, as well as its issues, challenges and opportunities.


Please email your resume to:


Post Office Box 740181

New Orleans, LA 70174-018