Survey Questions

In what neighborhood do you live?
Algiers Point        Algiers Riverview/McDonogh         Whitney   

How long have you lived in your current home?           
Less than 1 year      1-5 years      5-10 years    More than 10 years           

Are you a native of New Orleans?             Yes             No

If not, from where did you move?

Are you a property owner in Old Algiers?  Yes            No
If yes, is the property  Residential          Commercial       Vacant land

How often do you shop/dine/visit entertainment venues in Old Algiers? 
Never            Occasionally            Once a month           
Once a Week        More than Once a Week

How often do you ride the ferry?     Never      Occasionally  
Daily          More than Once a Week

Do you own a car?      Yes       No

Do you perceive crime as a major issue for Old Algiers?   Yes          No

Do you belong to any neighborhood associations or non-profits working in the community? Yes           No
If Yes, what is the name of the organization?

Are you aware of the cultural history of Old Algiers?        Yes            No
(You may find out more at www.oldalgiersmainstreet.org)

Do you know the boundaries of the Algiers Point National Historic District?            
Yes                  No

Do you have school-age children?          Yes           No
If yes, where do they attend school?

Are you a business owner/operator in Old Algiers?       Yes            No

If your place of business is located in Old Algiers, indicate in what type of business you are engaged as owner, operator or employee.
Retail (sales of merchandise of any kind)
Restaurant/Bar/Entertainment Venue
Building Trades
Professional services/consultant
Creative Services (musician, artist, writer, music producer, etc.)
Hospitality Services (B&B, inn, tour guide, etc.)
Medical Services (clinic, doctor, nurse, dentist, pharmacy, medical supplies)
Consumer Services

If in Old Algiers, what year was the business you own/operate or where you are employed established?

If in Old Algiers, how many people are employed at your place of business?
1-5        6-25        26-5      More than 50

If in Old Algiers, what is the primary reason for the business location?

What are the challenges of operating a business in Old Algiers?

Where do you generally shop for groceries?

Where do you generally shop for clothing?

Where do you generally shop for household goods?

Name two types of businesses would you like to see in Old Algiers. (retail, restaurants, cultural venues, bookstore, service station, medical services, etc. or be specific, (Whole Foods, Juan’s Flying Burrito, Payless Shoes, etc.)

Old Algiers Main Street Corporation is developing a directory of businesses in Old Algiers for online and print distribution. There is no fee to participate; however, we ask you to consider membership in Old Algiers Main Street Corporation, which will help defray our costs of publication. If you would like to be listed, please complete the information below.

Business Name


Phone Number


Primary product(s) /service_-


Post Office Box 740181• New Orleans, LA 70174-0181 • info@oldalgiersmainstreet.org